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These 2 SUVs of Toyota just launched, now booking is closed, will have to wait a long time


Toyota Innova Highcross is in high demand.
On the other hand, the minimum waiting period on the Highrider is 1 month.
The company will start booking both the vehicles again in some time.

New Delhi. Toyota recently launched its two new SUVs. These two vehicles are the Innova Hycross and the Hyryder. As soon as these cars were launched, people got them booked immediately. Now the company suddenly stopped the booking of both these SUVs. The company has taken this decision keeping in view the huge demand for both these vehicles and the increasing waiting period. Now you will have to wait for some time to book both these cars. On the other hand, those who have booked these cars may have to wait a long time for the delivery as well.

According to the company, the Innova’s Powerful Hybrid model and the Urban Cruiser Highrider are the most in demand and a large number of people have booked them. Both the cars are becoming popular among the people due to their excellent mileage, build quality and power. However, this booking has been temporarily closed and this booking will be reopened in one month to two months time.

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Which model’s booking is open
Currently, bookings for the base model of the petrol variant of the Toyota Innova Highcross and the premium mild hybrid model of the Highrider are on. You can book both these cars at Toyota dealerships. However, there is a waiting period for these models as well.

how much waiting period on which
There is a waiting period of 10 to 15 months on the mild hybrid MT model of the highride. The same V Mild Hybrid MT AWD model has a waiting period of 3 to 4 months. The G and V mild hybrid automatic models are available with a waiting period of just one month. While the longest waiting period is on the S Mild Hybrid MT model, which is 36 months, the AT variant of this model has a waiting period of 27 months. There is a waiting period of 6 to 7 months on the same S, V and G models (Powerful Hybrid).

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