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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

There is no question of reconsideration… Law Minister said- All three new criminal laws will be implemented from July 1

New Delhi: Law Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal has clarified that all three new criminal laws are going to be implemented from July 1. The notification has been issued to implement the new law and there is no reconsideration on it. Recently, senior criminal lawyer Indira Jai ​​Singh had written a letter to the Law Minister regarding non-implementation of the law. Along with this, many other legal experts had raised questions on this. The central government has made three new criminal laws in place of IPC, CrPC and Indian Evidence Act. It will come into force from July 1 and a notification was issued for this on February 24. Under the new law, the Indian Justice Code will replace the IPC, the Indian Civil Defense Code will replace the CrPC and the Indian Evidence Act will be replaced by the Indian Evidence Act. However, it has been said in the notification that the central government has put Section 106 (2) of the Indian Justice Code on hold for the time being, that is, Section 106 (2) will not be implemented at present. This provision is related to the crime related to hit and run. Drivers had gone on strike across the country in the first week of January in protest against this provision, after which the central government had assured that this law would be implemented after discussion with the driver union.

A total of 358 sections and 20 new offences are defined
There are a total of 358 sections in the Indian Judicial Code and 20 new crimes have been defined in it. These include snatching to mob lynching. Also, punishment has been increased in 33 crimes. Also, there are 83 such sections or crimes in which the amount of penalty has also been increased. There are 23 crimes in which there was no mention of minimum punishment. Minimum punishment has been introduced in these. There are 19 sections which have been removed. Also, social and community service has also been kept as a punishment, which was not there earlier. Crimes like treason have now been removed in the new law. Section 113 of the BN 2 Code has a provision for definition and punishment related to terrorism.

New provisions in Indian Civil Defence Code and Indian Evidence Act
While there were a total of 484 sections in the CrPC, there are 531 sections in the Indian Civil Protection Code. There are a total of 177 provisions which have been amended. Nine new sections and a total of 39 sub-sections have been added. 14 sections have been repealed. In the case of evidence in BNSS, 2023, prominence has been given to evidence collected through audio-video electronics. The new law has a provision to release prisoners who have served the maximum sentence in jail for any crime on their personal bond. At the same time, there will be a total of 170 sections in the Indian Evidence Act. There were a total of 167 sections under the earlier Indian Evidence Act. 6 sections have been repealed and 2 new sections and 6 sub-sections have been added. It has been provided that there will be a law for the protection of witnesses.

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