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There is good profit in dragon fruit farming, the government is helping the farmers, know how much will be earned

Business Idea Dragon Fruit Farming: If you are looking for a business related to agriculture, then this news can be very useful for you. Today every person wants to do his work and his business. If you do not mind doing farming, then this work will change your life. We are going to tell you about Dragon Fruit Farming. Today the demand of this fruit has increased a lot in the country as well as abroad. Because of which it will make you earn good profit in less time. Along with this, the government will also help you for this, know how.

what is special

Dragon fruit is rich in fiber and nutrients. Because of which doctors in the market also tell it to be eaten by the patient, due to which now its demand has increased. Till now it is being cultivated in only a few states in India. So you have an opportunity, which you can take advantage of.

This is how to cultivate dragon fruit

Let us tell you that no special environment is required for the cultivation of dragon fruit. It doesn’t even require much rain. To grow its plants, the quality of the soil is not very good, even then it will work. Dragon fruit plants do not require much sunlight. That’s why you have to put a shed on top of the trees for this. It is to be known that, now the farmers of northern Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal, Haryana, Uttarakhand etc. are cultivating dragon fruit.

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government giving subsidy

Financial grants are given by the central and state government for the cultivation of exotic fruits and vegetables like dragon fruit. The Haryana state government is encouraging the farmers by giving them subsidy for the cultivation of dragon fruit. The Haryana government is giving a subsidy of Rs 1 lakh 20 thousand per acre to the farmers. A farmer gets subsidy for 10 acres. In this amount, you are given 70 thousand rupees per acre for trellising system and 50 thousand rupees for planting dragon fruit plants. On the other hand, the Bihar government is giving up to 40 percent subsidy to the farmers to expand the cultivation of dragon fruit in the state.

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this much will be earned

If you are planning to cultivate dragon fruit on 1 acre of land, then you can easily earn up to 8-10 lakh rupees annually. According to the amount of land you will cultivate it, you can estimate the earning. In the beginning of this farming, you may get a total cost of 4-5 lakh rupees in it. Which can earn you 8-10 lakh rupees annually.

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