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There is a fight between a vulture and a bull! ‘Khooni Khel’ runs on the day of the festival! Where does this strange war happen, what is the reason?

Humans themselves fight with each other for their hobbies, and do not hesitate to make animals fight together. Indian people would know about quail and pigeon fighting in which birds are made to fight. But there is a place in the world where a bird is made to fight not with another bird, but with a bull. You will feel how a small bird (Bird bull fight) can fight with such a heavy animal! In fact, the bird that is made to fight is not small like a pigeon or a quail, but is so huge that the size of its wings seems bigger than that of a bull.

According to the report of Audity Central News website, there is a small mountain village in the country of Peru named Coyllurqui (Coyllurqui, Peru) where a controversial festival is celebrated which is also known as Blood Festival. The name of this festival is Yawar Fiesta or Peruvian Blood Festival. This fight of bird versus bull was happening in many places in Peru for a long time but the fighters for the rights of animals raised their voice against it and now it is banned in most of the places, however, completely banned in rural areas. It is difficult to locate.

This fight is organized between the vulture and the bull. (Photo: Facebook/Hender Huamani Roman)

This war happens in Peru
This battle, known as ‘Turupucllay’, means the battle of the bulls. The mayors of this rural area have also confessed in several interviews that people come to see the bird fight with the bull. If there is no bird then there will be no festival. Let us tell you that the bird which is made to fight is called Condor vulture which is a species of vulture. A lot of effort is made to save this species of vulture, but this fight is also conducted.

vultures tie on the bull
Let us now tell you what is done in this war. The wing span of this bird means that the size from one wing to the other is about 10 feet. The birds are first fed alcohol, then they are brought to the dirty, muddy war zone. After this the bird is tied on top of the black oxen. Their feet are tied in such a way that they cannot jump or fly. To save itself, the vulture attacks the bull with its beak and claws. If the bull starts kneeling, then humans jump with a red cloth and make it angry, after which they start removing the bird from their top.

Why does this fight happen?
Now the question arises that why these creatures are made to fight. The condor means the vulture is the national bird of Peru. The bull, on the other hand, is the unofficial national symbol of Spain. Here the vulture is considered to be the native Inca of Peru and the bull to the Spanish invader. In such a situation, the vulture is kept on top so that people feel that they are winning from the attackers. If vultures get injured or die, then it is believed that the year will be very inauspicious.

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