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‘There are many who are jealous…’, why did Mohammed Shami say this? Spoke openly on ‘bad times’ and mental health

World Cup 2023: Team India had performed amazingly in the ODI World Cup 2023. The Indian team could not become world champion, but almost all the players of Team India performed brilliantly in the entire World Cup. However, if we talk about the best performance, Virat Kohli scored the most runs with the bat, and Mohammed Shami took the most wickets with the ball. Mohammed Shami did not play the first 4 matches in the World Cup, but still achieved maximum success. He took 24 wickets in just 7 matches.

Shami told the story of his personal life

After this brilliant performance of Mohammed Shami, he is being discussed a lot from social media to TV media. Mohammed Shami, in a recent interview given to PUMA’s YouTube channel, told about his bad phase when his wife Hasin Jahan had made many serious allegations against him. Shami was also accused of attempting murder and having relations with other girls despite marriage. Due to this, Shami probably had to go through the worst phase of his personal life.

Shami told about that bad phase in his latest interview, “Initially it was very difficult, because nothing like this happened in my family, there was no problem. Our family is very simple. It was a very difficult time, very stressful. Shami further said that, if you are a liar then you will run away, you know, if you think that you are wrong then you will not even make eye contact. I said okay and let it be done brother. The truth will be found. You. I told you where to call, where to come. I saw everything.”

Why should I stop myself: Mohammed Shami

This best fast bowler of India further said, “I was very worried for the first 4-6 days. My family helped me. I felt that now I will have to start from the beginning. There are ups and downs in life. Yes. You can’t always explain your point of view to the other person. When you try to fix things, the opposite happens. This has never happened to me, nor have I seen someone get away with murder or kill someone. . I have never done this to anyone. All the allegations made against me were false, so why should I stop myself.”

This Indian bowler, who bowled brilliantly in all three formats, further said, “After that I also had an accident, so that whole period was very bad for me. I did not run away. My family was with me. People who Have to say, they will keep saying. Why should I stop myself from moving forward? Today’s world has become such that if you are even a little successful, there will be more people to pull you, and less to support you. The groups that are jealous are bigger. I don’t think it makes any difference if someone gets burnt or speaks out.”

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