Monday, March 27th, 2023

The world’s most infamous human trafficker was caught, the soul will tremble after knowing the story of the crimes

Kidane Zekarias Habtemariam: There have been more than one human traffickers in the world, but at present the world’s biggest human trafficker has been arrested by Interpol. This smuggler, a resident of the African country Eritrea, has been declared a fugitive from his own country. He has been arrested by Interpol from Sudan, this operation has been carried out in collaboration with UAE officials.

The name of this human trafficker is Kiden Zakarias Habtmariam, who is accused of being a smuggling ringleader. Kiden was running a camp in Libya where hundreds of migrants from East African countries were allegedly abducted and kept. Migrants were raped and extorted in the camp.

Arrested on 1st January
According to Eid Abdullah Al Suwaidi, a senior official of the United Arab Emirates’ Home Department, Red Corner notices were issued against Kiden Zakarias Habtmariam by Interpol on behalf of the Netherlands and Ethiopia. But, under a well-thought-out strategy, the UAE and Sudan police arrested Kiden on 1 January.

Interpol was eyeing since 2019
Abdullah Al Suwaidi said, “We have closed the most important route to Europe so far. Through this route, thousands of migrants were taken illegally from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan to Libya and Europe.” Kiden was under the eye of Interpol since 2019.

UAE and Interpol were the first to start arresting the infamous Kiden Zakarias Habtmariam. To nab him, his brother’s financial transactions were monitored. Kiden was arrested in the year 2020 but he escaped from custody. Kiden Zakarias has also worked with human trafficker Tavelde Goitome, who used to rape imprisoned women.

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