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The work which could not be done by the job, the woman completed by walking the dog, the loan of 10 lakhs was repaid in a year and a half!

Woman Cleared 10 Lakh Debt Through Dog Boarding: Many times a person is unable to meet his/her expenses from a job and he/she has to choose a part time or side job for himself. However, if luck is good, you can earn more than your regular job through side job. Something similar happened with a woman who started a part-time job of taking care of dogs and this solved her financial problems.

The woman’s name is Francisca Henry, a resident of Gloucestershire, England. According to the report of Mirror, Francisca had a huge debt of 10 lakhs on her head. To fill this, he/she did many part-time jobs along with the job, but the work that paid him/her the most was nothing but taking care of dogs.

‘Caring for dogs’ to pay off debt
Francisca, 33, told Mirror that she was looking for ways to earn more money in Google, when she came to know about dog boarding. In this, he/she also got the support of his/her daughter, who wanted to keep a dog in the house for a long time. Through this profession, he/she used to get a chance to spend time with dogs and there was no pressure at home. The woman started work from the year 2016. This included services ranging from walking the dog to stopping it at night. he/she got a chance to earn 3 lakh rupees in the very first year of his/her work and then he/she started offering this service to the people by creating a website.

Part time business earned
Francisca informs people through quotations about the services she is providing. Customers choose the service of their choice and pay for it. If someone leaves their dog with them, they usually charge 3000 rupees for one night. Her service has now become so famous that she has become the top dog boarder in her area.

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