Wednesday, November 29th, 2023

The woman has ‘disease of forgetting nothing’, remembers everything from love to quarrels, scientists are doing research on the brain!

Many times we think that we wish we could have such memory that we do not forget anything. No matter how old it is, it would have been funny if it could have been remembered quickly. Although this does not happen because nature has given us such a memory, which keeps on updating and in many ways it is also necessary. Although such a woman is also in this world, whose memories do not end in her mind. What is once printed in his/her mind, is printed forever.

It is not that the reason for the sharp memory of the woman is any herb or anything else. Actually he/she has a different type of disease, which does not let him/her forget anything. The memories we remember vaguely, she can tell them in frame to frame detail. The woman’s name is Jill Price and she does not find this a boon, rather she is troubled by it.

Haven’t forgotten anything since the age of 14
According to Jill Price, she is able to remember all the things as they are. Since the year 2000, his/her brain has become a subject of research for scientists. Researchers from the University of California-Irvine are studying it. The woman’s brain is so sharp because of a special condition called hyperthymesia syndrome. This syndrome is also called highly superior autobiographical memory, which gives the patient the ability to remember all the experiences of his/her life.

There are only 60 people like this in the world
Jill Price is not the first person to have this problem. This syndrome has been found in a total of 60 people worldwide. Jill Price tells that she remembers everything from the age of 14 till now. She remembers small incidents till date and can recall every incident, whether it was good or bad. She writes down her memories now, so that there is not much pressure on her mind. She has also written a book related to it – The Woman Who Can’t Forget.

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