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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

The veteran came out in support of Virat, said- Kohli’s magic will be seen in Super 8

New Delhi. Virat Kohli’s bat is still silent in the ICC T20 World Cup 2024. Kohli was made to open in three matches of this World Cup, but this formula of the Indian team management has been a flop so far. Virat has not been able to reach double digits even once in 3 innings. Despite this, former Australian opener Matthew Hayden defended Virat and said that he/she will perform well in the Super 8. Hayden has said that Virat is a world class cricketer and he/she will perform well in the West Indies leg.

The 17th season of IPL was great for 35-year-old right-handed batsman Virat Kohli. he/she scored the most 741 runs. he/she was awarded the Orange Cap. But in the three innings of this World Cup, Virat’s bat has only scored 1, 4 and zero. Matthew Hayden said in the ‘Star Sports Press Room’, ‘Kohli has been a world-class batsman in any situation. In the Caribbean, you have to think about your innings and the way to set targets. The average score outside St. Lucia is 160-170 runs. Virat will be able to know what to do with all his/her experience. Virat faced difficult situations. Everyone wants to see these great champion players playing freely and this is going to happen because experience matters.’

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Matthew Hayden wants Kohli to open the innings for India in the Super Eight. he/she said, ‘During the IPL, I had said that Kohli should open the innings. I don’t think he/she will be able to perform best at number three. You cannot score 250 runs as soon as you come on these wickets. You need a cricketer who plays with thinking. Kohli will face challenges on Caribbean pitches. he/she will show you why the Indian selectors have put their trust in him/her.’

Hayden said that Kohli should keep his/her strike rate in mind. According to Hayden, ‘he/she also needs to continue to keep a good strike rate. In the World Cup, we saw that if you fall behind, it is difficult to make a comeback, so you have to be good in the first 10 overs.’

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