Monday, May 29th, 2023

The ‘train’ to be built in Canada will be faster than the airplane, 1000 km speed will still be cheap, know everything

Ottawa: A Canadian company has unveiled a fully electric train styled vehicle. It can travel at a speed of 1000 km per hour. The company claims that through this it can be traveled for less than a plane ticket. Transpod made the announcement related to Fluxjet last month in the Canadian city of Toronto. Its name is Plain Train Hybrid, whose capacity of one ton was demonstrated live. It is similar to the concept of Hyperloop. The Fluxjet is also driven at speed through a protected tube.

The pods are magnetically lifted into the vacuum tube, allowing it to travel at high speed. The idea about this train is that they will be run between major cities and between stations. Under this project, trains will be run between the cities of Calgary and Edmonton in Canada. A $18 billion plan is proposed in the first phase for a distance of 300 km. This Fluxjet vehicle can run faster than an airplane and three times faster than a high-speed train.
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Work will start in 2023
Earlier this year Transpod announced it had secured $550 million in funding. This project is currently in the research and development phase. The company is currently focusing on environmental assessment and land acquisition. Transpod co-founder and CEO Sebastian Gendron says the first phase of construction will begin at Edmonton Airport by the end of 2023 and connect to Calgary in 2027.

There will be a reduction in carbon dioxide
Transpod believes that the FluxJet can carry 54 passengers and 10 tonnes of cargo at a time. During this, the train will stop at a station every two minutes. The company says that through this there will be a massive reduction in the traffic on the roads. In addition, there will be a reduction in CO2 emissions by 636,000 tonnes per year.
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Air fare will be cheaper
The company claims that the ride with Fluxjet will be 44 percent cheaper than the plane. However, no correct answer has been received about when the public should expect to travel through it or in which other cities it is planned. Transpod says passengers will feel as if they are on a runway.

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