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The sweetest names for your daughter have been brought from Ramayana, seeing the list will say ‘Blessed are we’

If you are also looking for a name for your daughter, then you can take inspiration for the name of your daughter from the epic Ramayana of this world. There are many characters and roles in Ramayana whose names you can give to your daughter. Here are some holy names for daughters from Ramayana as well as their meaning.

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  • Ahalya: You must have heard about the character of the holy Ahalya in Ramayana. Ahalya was a very pure and beautiful woman. The meaning of name Ahilya is “beautiful and beautiful”.
  • Ipsita: You can also name your daughter as Ipsita. This name is also mentioned in the Ramayana. The meaning of name Ipsita is “a wish”.
  • Janaki: There is no better name for your daughter than this. Goddess Sita was the daughter of King Janak, hence she was also called as Janaki.
  • Kaushalya: The name of the mother of Lord Rama was Kaushalya. The meaning of name Kaushalya is “Wisdom and talent”. Your daughter will also like this name.


If your daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘A’, then you can give her the name Alekhya. This is a very cute and unique name. The meaning of name Alekhya is a picture.

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Mandvi is also mentioned in Ramayana. The meaning of name Mandvi is “appearance or attractive”. You can choose this name for your baby girl.

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Weapons have been used during the war in Ramayana and the weapons are also called Ishika. It is not only unique but also a modern name.

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In the Ramayana, the name of the mother of Lord Rama’s brother-in-law Lakshmana was Goddess Sumitra. The meaning of name Sumitra is “companion or friend”. Mata Sumitra has been a symbol of sacrifice and patience.

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The name of a great devotee of Lord Rama was Shabari. If your daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘S’ then you can name her as Shabri. This name is good too.

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Mahapandit and Vidyan Ravana’s grandfather’s name was Sumali. You can also choose this name and get the essence of Ramayana in your life forever.

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There is also a mention of a woman named Tara in the Ramayana. Tara name meanings is Constellation, Queen and Goddess of the sea. The name of the wife of Lord Buddha was also Tara. You can also choose a Buddhist name for your son.

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According to the scriptures, the name of the sister of Lord Rama was Shanta. The meaning of name Shanta is “peace, stillness and calm”.

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