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The story of Japan’s Killing Stone, which causes death after touching it! Satan returned after being broken?

Tokyo : A year ago a fear spread among the people of Japan. Fear was spread about an ominous Japanese stone breaking in two. It was believed that due to the two parts of the stone, the devil imprisoned in it would return to the world. This stone is also called ‘Killing Stone’. Locals claim that in the 18th century, the local people imprisoned the devil in stone. This stone prevents the devil named ‘Tamamo no Mae’ from troubling the countrymen.

However, people are still strictly advised to avoid touching the stone, The Mirror reported. It is believed that whoever touches the rock, dies after a few days. The stone is officially known as Sessho-seki. This infamous rock has been a tourist attraction in the mountains of Tochigi near the Japanese capital Tokyo.

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Tourists are not going after breaking the stone

Though knowing the history of the stone, people stopped coming here in March 2022 when rain water broke the rock into two. But folklorist Matthew Mayer, who owns, a database of Japanese ghosts and demons, claims that Tamamo no Mae was never encased in rock. The expert said I’m a little disappointed at how many Western media sites get the facts wrong and look no further than Twitter for the real story behind the superstition.

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‘The devil himself was the stone’

he/she said, ‘Tamamo no Me was never ‘imprisoned’ in stone. She herself was a stone.’ Legend has it that the devil took the form of a beautiful woman to assassinate the Japanese emperor, Emperor Toba. The mayor claims that his/her true identity was that of a nine-tailed mighty fox, capable of stirring up worlds. When she failed in her attempts to kill the emperor, she plunged an Asian country into civil war. The local people still say that even after his/her death, his/her spirit remained in the rock for about 1000 years.

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