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The steep rock in the Markundi valley where Baba takes bath with boiling milk is an example of a love story, know the story.

Sonbhadra: A unique tradition is seen during Govardhan Puja in Markundi Valley of Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh. Here the priest Baba, during the puja, put his head in the fire pit. After this he also takes bath with hot boiling milk. Whenever someone’s eyes fall on a huge huge rock cut in the Markundi valley on the way from Varanasi to Shaktinagar, the love story of Veer Lorik and Manjari gets refreshed. This place is famous by the name of Veer Lorik Patthar. During Govardhan Puja many couples come here to pray for their love like Lorik and Manjari. This love story of Lorik and Manjari is said to be from the 10th century. This story, popular in tribal areas, is not only giving the message of true love but also inspires people to connect with their culture and heritage.

Lorik rock is a symbol of people’s faith
Many religious beliefs of people are also associated with this stone. Hundreds of people from Purvanchal as well as Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and other areas come here to visit and have darshan. Due to the religious faith of the people, a huge Bhandara is organized here at the time of Govardhan Puja. People also believe that by coming here, the wishes of a loving couple are also fulfilled.

Manjari, a resident of Agori State in Sonbhadra district, had fallen in love with Veer Lorik, a resident of Gaura village of Ballia. Lorik knew that Manjari could not be captured without war. Lorik was a great warrior. At the same time, experts say that his sword weighed 85 kg. Despite all the measures taken by King Molagat, brave Lorik along with his wedding procession and army crossed the Son river and reached Agori fort. Where a fierce war took place. During the war, the brave Lorik alone was worth thousands. Veer Lorik defeated King Molagat of Agor and married Manjari for love.

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Lorik cut the stone on Manjari’s request
After Manjari’s farewell, her palanquin reached Markundi Valley situated on Varanasi Shaktinagar road. Where the newlywed Manjari challenged Lorik to see her immense strength once more and asked her to do something so that the people here remember our love. Lorik asked, tell me Manjari, what should I do?

At the same time, Manjari showed Lorik a huge rock and asked him to split it into two parts with a single blow with his sword. Lorik splits the giant rock in two with his sword at once and passes his love test. The symbol of this amazing love, the rock divided into two parts, still exists today. Even today that piece of stone can be seen as a symbol of immortal love.

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