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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

The speaker is ours and the deputy speaker is from NDA allies… understand BJP’s plan to maintain the alliance

New Delhi: NDA government has been formed at the center for the third time. It has been almost two weeks since PM Modi and his/her cabinet took oath. Now everyone’s eyes are on the Lok Sabha Speaker’s chair. BJP wants to retain the post of the 18th Lok Sabha Speaker. As per the rules, this post should be given to BJP, because BJP is the largest party in the NDA alliance. BJP has 240 seats. But BJP’s allies JDU and TDP have also demanded the post of Speaker. According to sources, BJP can propose to give the post of Deputy Speaker to an NDA ally. According to the information, BJP has entrusted the responsibility of Union Defense Minister and party’s senior leader Rajnath Singh to negotiate this important parliamentary role with NDA allies JDU and TDP so that the proceedings of the House can run smoothly.

The new speaker of Lok Sabha will be elected on June 26
The new speaker of the Lok Sabha will be elected on June 26. According to the Lok Sabha Secretariat, the notice of proposal of candidates for the post of Speaker has to be submitted by noon a day before. According to sources, if the opposition alliance INDIA does not get the post of Deputy Speaker, then the opposition can field a candidate for the post of Speaker.

TDP and JDU rejected reports of demanding the post of Speaker
Rejecting reports that NDA allies TDP and JD(U) have demanded the post of Speaker, a senior party leader told news agency IANS that the matter will be first considered internally and then a consensus will be reached after discussing with allies.

JDU will support BJP’s decision
While Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP said the NDA allies should finalise a consensus candidate, Nitish Kumar’s JDU said it will support the BJP’s decision. JDU leader KC Tyagi said his/her party and the TDP are part of the NDA and will support the candidate nominated by the BJP for the post of Lok Sabha Speaker.

KC Tyagi said, ‘The speaker always belongs to the ruling party as they also have the highest numbers. Meanwhile, TDP national spokesperson Pattabhiram Kommareddy said the candidate should be decided jointly by the NDA allies. he/she said, ‘NDA allies will sit together and decide who will be our speaker candidate. Once a consensus is reached, we will present that candidate and all allies, including the TDP, will support that candidate.’

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