Monday, May 29th, 2023

The spark of Russia-Ukraine war will continue to flare up in the new year as well! Putin and Zelensky claim victory

Volodymyr Zelensky & Vladimir Putin Speech: The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for 11 months. Since February 2022, Russia has been continuously trying to pile up Ukraine with a barrage of missiles. Even in the new year, this war is not taking the name of ending. As soon as 12 o’clock in the clock on Saturday night, Russian missiles targeted other cities including the capital Kyiv. This was Russia’s first attack on the new year. Amidst all this the leaders of both the countries vowed for victory.

The presidents of both Russia and Ukraine vowed to push for victory in New Year’s speeches. While Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s speech showed pain and gratitude for the soldiers, Russian President Vladimir Putin reminded the countrymen of their duties. Both the leaders termed this war as a battle of existence and promised to get its result soon.

Zelensky became emotional during the speech
Zelensky looked emotional in his 17-minute video message as he recounted some of the most dramatic moments of the war and the victory. In his speech, he expressed pride in the countrymen facing darkness and cold during Russia’s attacks on the country. Addressing his countrymen, Zelensky said, “Ukrainians will fight until they win.”

‘No choice but to win’
He said, “The whole country is fighting as a team. I commend everyone for this. I want to thank each and every invincible region of Ukraine. We will continue to fight for victory.” Zelensky said, “We were told that you have no other option than to surrender. We say that we have no other option than to win.” In the video, Zelensky wears his trademark khaki suit and stands in the dark behind a Ukrainian flag.

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Putin filled the countrymen with enthusiasm
On the other hand, Russian President Putin said in his 9-minute-long address, “Our army is fighting for our motherland, truth and justice. We will win the war, for our families, for Russia.” Russia’s state television showed Putin’s speech across the country. In this, he is seen standing in front of the soldiers. Putin said, “Last year we put many things right. We freed courage and heroism from the clutches of deceit and cowardice. Together we will overcome all troubles and preserve the greatness of our country.”

These allegations against America
Putin accused all western countries including America of provoking the war. He alleged, “Western countries forced Russia to war. America and Western countries lied and now they are using Ukraine and its people against Russia. Which we will never tolerate.” Enthusing the countrymen, Putin said, “Together we will overcome all troubles and save the greatness of our country.”

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