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The sound of ‘dog’ disappeared in the first weekend, ‘Varisu’ on the threshold of 100 crores, ‘Thunivu’ behind

Arjun Kapoor and Tabu’s film ‘Kutte’ is seen gasping in its very first weekend. Vishal Bhardwaj’s son Aasman Bhardwaj has made his directorial debut with this film. But it seems that the film is not going down well with the audience. However, Tabu is being praised in the film. But despite this, the film could earn only Rs 3.25 crore in its first weekend. Unfortunately, instead of increasing on Sunday, the film’s collection decreased as compared to Saturday. Whereas from Monday onwards, this film is sure to see stars during the day. On the other hand, South films ‘Vaarisu’ and ‘Thunivu’ are also hitting the box office. Thalapathy Vijay’s film ‘Varisu’ has got the benefit of extended weekend and this film has come close to joining the 100 crore club. Thala Ajith’s ‘Thunivu’, however, has not released in Hindi. But this film is also doing average business in Tamil and Telugu.

It is also worth noting here that both ‘Varisu’ and ‘Thunivu’ were released on Wednesday, January 11 itself. Of these, ‘Varisu’, where it released only in Tamil on Wednesday, was also released in Hindi and Telugu on Friday, January 13. Whereas ‘Thunivu’ has been enthralling the audience since day one in both Tamil and Telugu languages. The condition of both these films is also not very good at the box office, but looking at the situation for the last one year, their earnings are definitely better than the average.

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Now the ‘dog’ can only hope for a miracle

The worst condition is of ‘Kuttey’ at the box office. The audience occupancy of this film remained 8-10% on Sunday as well. That is, only 8 to 10 out of 100 seats were seen in cinema halls. The film did a business of just Rs 1 crore on the opening day. On Saturday, the earning increased slightly to 1.20 crores. But on Sunday once again the earning reduced to 1.05 crores. In this way, ‘Kutte’ has done a business of Rs 3.25 crore in its first weekend.

Kuttey Box Office Collection

friday first day Rs 1.00 crore
Saturday second day Rs 1.20 crore
sunday day 3 Rs 1.05 crore
Source: Box Office India Net Earnings – Rs 3.25 crore

The condition of the ‘dog’ is looking very bad in the morning shows on Monday. Audiences are being found in only 5-6 seats out of 100 in theatres. In such a situation, it is clear that now only a miracle can sail the boat of this film. However, the way the makers of the film did not spend much on promotion before release, or did not promote the film much, it seems that they too are leaving the film with the help of OTT.

‘Vaarisu’ beats ‘Thunivu’ in first weekend

On the other hand, Thalapathy Vijay’s ‘Varisu’ and Thala Ajith’s ‘Thunivu’, which hit the theaters on the auspicious occasion of Pongal, are witnessing a fierce clash. Initially it seemed that ‘Thunivu’ would win this race, but now in 5 days ‘Vaarisu’ seems to have the upper hand. Vijay’s film has earned Rs 87.25 crore in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi across the country in 5 days. On Sunday, ‘Warisu’ has done a business of Rs 20 crores, out of which Hindi collection includes Rs 1.55 crores. ‘Warisu’ will definitely join the 100 crore club on Monday. However, it is also worth noting here that ‘Vaarisu’ is earning in three languages, while ‘Thunivu’ is earning in two languages.

Varisu Box Office Collection

Wednesday first day Rs 26.7 crore
Thursday second day Rs 11.55 crore
friday day 3 Rs 10.1 crore (In Hindi – 0.70 crore)
Saturday fourth day Rs 18.4 crore (In Hindi – 1.40 crore)
sunday fifth day Rs 20.5 crore (In Hindi – 1.55 crore)
Source: sacnilk Net Earnings – Rs 87.25 crore (In Hindi – 3.65 crore)

The condition of ‘Warisu’ in Hindi is also not very good. However, it definitely fares better than the Bollywood release ‘Kutte’. ‘Warisu’ collected Rs 70 lakh on its first day in Hindi on Friday. The earning increased to 1.40 crores on Saturday. While on Sunday, it has collected Rs 1.55 crore in Hindi version. In this way, ‘Warisu’ has earned Rs 3.65 crore in the first weekend in Hindi. ‘Kutte’ has earned Rs 3.20 crore in three days. That is, the condition of both the films is more or less the same in Hindi.

Thunivu Box Office Collection

Wednesday first day Rs 24.40 crore
Thursday second day Rs 11.80 crore
friday day 3 Rs 8.30 crore
Saturday fourth day Rs 11.00 crore
sunday fifth day Rs 11.90 crore
Source: sacnilk Net Earnings – Rs 67.40 crore

Thala Ajith i.e. Ajith Kumar’s film ‘Thunivu’ has collected Rs 67.40 crores in its first weekend of 5 days. The film has collected Rs 11.9 crore on Sunday, including Tamil and Telugu languages. Right behind ‘Vaarisu’, but ‘Thunivu’ will also easily become a part of 100 crore club by Wednesday.

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