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The snake hidden in the stairs surprised, the snake catcher himself lost his/her sweat in finding it, the creature kept playing hide and seek for a long time

Some such pictures get captured in the camera which makes the head dizzy even without wanting to. Such pictures can also be called optical illusion pictures, in whose category most of the pictures are made especially to confuse the mind. But some real life pictures also work to deceive the mind. One such picture was shared on social media, where the challenge of finding the snake on the stairs will keep you hooked. While peeping from the bill, that snake is playing the game of hide and seek.

Such a picture was captured in the camera where even the snake catcher lost his/her sweat in finding the hidden snake. he/she was peeping out of the hole made in the ladder. But it was difficult to get hold of. Then cleverly snake catcher Ang Broadstock took him/her out of the bill and caught him/her. Can you spot the snake in that picture? This is your challenge today.

Did you see a poisonous snake in the picture?
In the picture you can see the concrete stairs made of red bricks. On which some dry leaves are scattered. It has been claimed that a poisonous snake is also hidden somewhere around them. But where and in what condition he/she is, it will not be visible to anyone by looking at the picture. So this picture became an optical illusion challenge even without wanting it. Where finding a snake would be equivalent to tricking the mind. In fact, that poisonous snake is hidden so cleverly that it played the snake catcher’s band.

The snake hiding on the stairs confused a lot, taking out its head from the bill, it was peeping

Snake caught by the cleverness of snake catcher
The snake catcher who captured the picture in his/her camera told that the snake was troubling him/her only by taking out his/her head from the bill made near the stairs. And as soon as an attempt was made to catch him/her, he/she would quickly enter inside the bill or go out somewhere else. In such a situation, the snake catcher used his/her mind and cleverly filled the paper around the bill containing the presence of the snake, so that when he/she filled the bill with water to remove it, he/she could not use any other way to escape. Eventually he/she had to come out. But now it’s your turn to tell, have you found the snake in the picture? If not, then see in the picture given above, where only his/her head is visible.

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