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Saturday, July 20th, 2024

The race to launch satellites is about to end! What did the ISRO chief hint towards?

New Delhi: Is the situation of satellite launch market really not good? Satellite launch rockets are available but there is no demand for it. ISRO chief S Somnath believes something similar. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) chairman S Somnath has said that the situation of satellite launch market is bad worldwide. he/she also highlighted that rockets are available and demand is awaited. he/she said that people usually do not understand. They think that if they make low-cost rockets, people will come. But the situation is not like that.

Manufacture of good satellites in limited numbers

The ISRO chief, under whose leadership India completed its difficult Chandrayaan-2 mission last year, believes that the main reason for the current situation is that only a limited number of good satellites have been built in the world. Somnath’s remarks came in response to questions posed by a select group of people at a dialogue organised by Bengaluru-based think tank Synergia Foundation last week.Is this competition over soon?
Third world countries including Brazil, Argentina and Saudi Arabia were building satellites and competing fiercely. India has so far launched 435 satellites of other countries and this is a good number. This year India will launch four satellites of other countries. This number is less because the launch capacity is three times more than the demand.

What will happen if we just prepare rockets?

S Somnath said that a startup can say that it has 10 rockets, but unless we create demand, there is no point in developing high-end rockets. he/she stressed on demand. he/she said that in ISRO we have PSLV, but the demand is not the same. Rockets are being made and kept in stock, but customers are not being found.

What is the story of America
The situation is the same in the US. In the US, only SpaceX is doing it because it has enough rockets and it has to create a business for itself. So it launches its own satellites. he/she said SpaceX is able to do 60-70 launches a year because it is launching 90% of its satellites on its own.
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