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Saturday, July 20th, 2024

The past matters related to actor Darshan are coming out, one manager had committed suicide, the other is missing since 2018

The troubles of South Cinema’s popular Kannada actor Darshan Thoogudeepa are not ending. The news has come out that the actor’s manager Sridhar, who was arrested on charges of murdering a fan, has allegedly committed suicide. It is being said that the manager allegedly committed suicide and left a suicide note and video message before dying. In this suicide note, he/she also mentioned the reason for his/her suicide.

Let us tell you here that this case related to the death of the manager is not new but is from April last year and this case has been reopened once again. Kannada actor Darshan is currently in jail in the case of murder of a fan Renuka Swamy. Along with this, he/she is facing another tragedy. This case is related to the actor’s 39-year-old manager Sridhar who was found dead at Durga Farmhouse near Anekal in Bangalore. It is said that he/she used to work there.

Before dying, he/she had also recorded a suicide note and a video

According to reports, Sridhar committed suicide by consuming poison in April last year and left a suicide note before dying. Apart from this, he/she also recorded a video of himself. Along with the Renuka murder case, this case has been reopened once again.

Sridhar was looking after the work of the farmhouse

Sridhar, who had been looking after the farmhouse for about a year, was the first to know about this through a friend and he/she immediately informed the authorities. Soon the police reached the spot and found Sridhar’s body near the farmhouse.

Signature and thumb impression in suicide note

Sridhar had signed and thumbprinted his/her suicide note and cited loneliness as the reason behind taking the extreme step. he/she also recorded a video before his/her death in which he/she reiterated his/her intention and urged his/her relatives not to investigate the case.

Case of unnatural death registered

Following the incident, a case of unnatural death (UDR) was registered at the Anekal police station, sparking a debate on mental health and loneliness.

Mallikarjuna, another manager of Darshan, is also missing

Now this incident has raised concerns for actor Darshan and his/her team. This incident has come amid the investigation of the news of the disappearance of Darshan’s other manager Mallikarjuna who has been missing since the year 2018. A letter allegedly written by Mallikarjuna has surfaced on social media, which has deepened the mystery and questions are being raised on Darshan and his/her circle.

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