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The parrot got the owner jailed, the person didn’t even know, was fined Rs 75 lakh!

Parrot Owner Gets Jail and 75 lakh fine: Many of us are fond of keeping pets at home. Some people keep dogs and cats at home, while some people also keep birds. One such person had kept a parrot of his choice, who had to pay a heavy price for it. This incident happened in Taiwan and whoever is hearing about it (Pet Bird Injures Passer By) is surprised.

The parrot’s owner had absolutely no idea that his parrot had done something that would not only make his pocket loose, but would also land him in jail. The parrot that the person has is very big in size and so is the devil. In such a situation, the owner of the parrot had to face the punishment for his misbehaviour. By the way, you would be surprised to know that even the bones of the person who was killed by the parrot were broken.

The parrot hit in such a way that the person reached the hospital
In a place named Tainan, there lives a person with surname Huang, who has kept two pet parrots. He took them with him to the park, so that he could exercise himself and the parrots could fly a little. Meanwhile, a parrot scared a person jogging with his wings so much that he fell down. Due to this fall, his hip joint was shaken and the bone was also broken. He had to go straight to the hospital and recovery took 6-7 months. Then it happened that the person sued the owner of the parrot.

The owner had to pay a fine of 75 lakhs
Due to this act of a parrot with a wingspan of 40 cm and 60 cm, a case was filed in the court. The court agreed that this is the negligence of the owner of the parrot. In such a situation, he was sentenced to pay a fine of 3.04 million New Taiwan dollars i.e. 75 lakh rupees and stay in jail for 2 months. At present, the owner of the parrot is going to appeal against the decision as it seems to be too much for him.

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