Sunday, May 28th, 2023

The man was showing magic by hanging half his body in the air, the magic was surprising; Laughed at what happened the next moment

Jaadu, magic, tricks not only for kids. Rather, they also attract the elders a lot. The one who likes, watches with pleasure, the one who doesn’t like, tries to understand his trick. But it does attract everyone. Some people really succeed in tricking the eyes by using amazing tricks or creating illusions that make you see exactly what the magician wants you to see. But some people use such jugadu tricks which will make you laugh.

One such video was shared on Twitter’s @HasnaZarooriHai in which people were surprised to see the magician’s feat. The man was seen hanging in the air with the help of a stick. People were busy trying to understand the secret of his magic, that the very next moment something happened that took out all the air of magic.

The senses were blown away after seeing the magic, the next moment it was busted
A person’s video became very viral on social media, in which people were speechless after seeing his magic. The man had put one hand on the stick and the torso was hanging in the air. When the part below the waist was standing on the ground on one side. That is, that person was seen divided into two parts. It is obvious that after seeing such a sight, one would wonder whether it is really a trick or a witchcraft. As long as people consider the person as a great magician and applaud his trick, even before that the person passing by did such a thing that all the air of the poor magician’s magic went out.

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