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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

The laws made by the British will be ‘past’ after a few days from now, understand what will change with the introduction of the new criminal law

New Delhi: The 159 year old laws made by the British will become a thing of the past in a few days from now. Despite all the contradictions, India’s three new laws will come into force from July 1. These include the hit and run law, against which voices of protest were raised across the country. Especially the truck and transport wing protested. So… what is the confusion and truth about hit and run in the chapters of the law implemented from July 1. Let’s know…

Police officers and law experts said that new laws for providing justice to the victims and for road safety are Sections 106 (1), 106 (2) of the BNS. Under this, there is a provision for strict punishment to stop the increasing incidents of hit and run. There is a misconception that the amount of fine is Rs 10 lakh. But this is completely wrong. The increased punishment of 10 years is for those who flee without reporting the hit and run case. The crime is still bailable, under Section 106 (1) can be tried by the Magistrate Court. At present, in view of the protest, the government has paid attention to the voice raised by the truck drivers regarding the provision of 10 years imprisonment and fine under Section 106 (2). After discussions with the representatives of the All India Motor Transport Congress, it has become clear that these new laws and provisions have not been implemented yet. The decision to implement Section 106 (2) will be taken only after consultation with the All India Motor Transport Congress.

3 new laws that will come into effect from July 1
1. Indian Judicial Code (BNS)
2. Indian Evidence Act 2023
3. Indian Civil Defence Code 2023

How many chapters, how many sections

1. There are 20 chapters under BNS(Indian Judicial Code)
2. BNS has 358 sections, IPC 1860 had 511 sections

Dangerous and habitual criminals will be handcuffed
Under the new law, the police have been given the right to handcuff a notorious criminal who habitually escapes from custody, is involved in gang war, organized gang, terrorist act, illegal arms, murder, rape, acid attack, fake currency and crime against the sovereignty, unity and integrity of the country. The police can handcuff him/her depending on the situation.

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