Monday, May 29th, 2023

The groom fell at the feet of his/her bride, tears started flowing from the eyes of the girl, the video went viral!

Varmala Viral Video: For any couple, their wedding day is very important and big and this relationship is a bond of life. In such a situation, if some things are cleared before becoming husband and wife, then the difficulties in future life are reduced. This is the reason that nowadays bride and groom not only decide many things before marriage, but they also give importance to an equal relationship.

In the olden days, husband and wife were not considered equal in an institution like marriage, but now the times have changed. Husband and wife are not only competing with each other in studies and job, but they also have an equal relationship with household chores. In this episode, showing a very cute gesture, a groom even fell at the feet of his/her bride on the stage and proved that not only the bridegroom but also the bride is respected for him/her.

Fell at wife’s feet in a crowded gathering
In the viral video, it can be seen that the bride and groom are standing on the stage for the ceremony of Varmala. First the bride garlanded the groom and then the groom very gently put the necklace around his/her bride’s neck. After this, as part of a ritual, the girl rises to touch the feet of her groom, immediately after which the groom himself bows down and places his/her head at the feet of the bride. While the people present there hooting on this, tears start falling from the eyes of the girl.

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