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‘The Great Indian Family’ and ‘Sukhi’ failed miserably in Monday test, know fourth day’s collection

The Great Indian Family & Sukhee BO Collection Day 4: No film is able to survive at the box office in front of Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Jawaan’. Vicky Kaushal’s film ‘The Great Indian Family’ and Shilpa Shetty’s film ‘Sukhi’, which were recently released in theatres, are in bad shape at the ticket windows. ‘Jawaan’ has packed up both the films in four days. Especially Shilpa Shetty’s film ‘Sukhi’ is not getting audience in theatres. With this, this film is not able to earn money. Let us know here how much money ‘Sukhi’ and ‘The Great Indian Family’ have earned on the fourth day of release i.e. Monday?

How much did ‘The Great Indian Family’ earn on the fourth day of its release?
The family drama film ‘The Great Indian Family’, written and directed by ‘Dhoom 3’ fame Vijay Krishna Acharya, is performing very poorly at the box office. Vicky Kaushal and Manushi Chhillar have played lead roles in the film. Talking about earnings, the film had collected Rs 1.3 crore on the first day of its release. After this, the film’s earning on Saturday was Rs 1.7 crore and on Sunday the film collected Rs 2 crore. Now, on the fourth day of the release of ‘The Great Indian Family’, the result of Monday test has also come. According to which the film’s earnings have declined.

  • According to Sacknilk’s early trend report, ‘The Great Indian Family’ has collected Rs 75 lakh on the fourth day of its release.
  • With this, the total earnings of ‘The Great Indian Family’ in four days has now become Rs 5.75 crore.

happy’ How much did it earn on the fourth day of its release?

Shilpa Shetty starrer film ‘Sukhi’ was released in theaters this Friday. The film failed at the box office on the first day itself. The film is not getting audience in theaters and even after four days of its release, ‘Sukhi’ has not been able to collect even Rs 2 crore. Talking about earnings, ‘Sukhi’ had opened with just Rs 30 lakh. After this, on its second day i.e. Saturday, the film collected Rs 43 lakh and on Sunday the film’s earning was Rs 48 lakh. Now the initial figures of earnings of ‘Sukhi’ on the fourth day of its release i.e. Monday have also come.

  • According to Sacknilk’s early trend report, ‘Sukhi’ has collected only Rs 28 lakh on the fourth day of its release.
  • After this, the total earning of ‘Sukhi’ in four days barely reached Rs 1.49 crore.

The Great Indian Family And ‘happy’ broke the box office
Only four days have passed since the release of ‘The Great Indian Family’ and ‘Sukhi’ and these films are crawling at the box office. Although Vicky Kaushal’s film has earned more than Rs 5 crore, but the condition of Shilpa Shetty’s film is very bad. Now it has become difficult for both the films to survive at the box office.

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