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The girl left her boyfriend in love with ‘uncle’, broke the engagement at the last moment, mother-in-law and son-in-law are of the same age!

Girl Left Boyfriend for An Old Man: Love is a different kind of emotion, if it gets on the head, a person does not remember anything. It is said that age, religion and poverty-richness do not matter in love. That’s why a 24-year-old girl left her boyfriend and married a man of her mother’s age. She broke up with the boy with whom she was dreaming of marriage since college days.

Shortly before marriage, the girl married her boyfriend because she had fallen madly in love with a man 24 years older than herself. The age of the new partner of this girl named Amanda Cannon was equal to that of her mother and now she is about to give birth to a child. When this whole family is seen together, then people must be considering the son-in-law and mother-in-law as husband and wife. However, this does not make any difference to the couple.

Love at first sight with ‘Uncle’
In the year 2017, Amanda saw Radio DJ Ace for the first time. 24-year-old Amanda’s heart fell on 54-year-old Ace in such a way that she became crazy about him/her. On the other hand, Ace, a divorcee, who had vowed never to marry, was forced to break his/her vow after seeing Amanda. The relationship of these two lasted for 4 years and finally in January 2021, the couple got married. She is also going to have a child in June this year. Amanda says that she just fell in love, while Ace explains that he/she was infatuated with Amanda’s beauty.

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