Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

The film Paste made by Chandigarh’s RJ and Tricity NGO gained national recognition – Presswire18

Chandigarh, September 19 (Trinew)

The short feature film Paste, produced by Tricity-based non-governmental organization (NGO) Meeshan Foundation and Trippy Lenses and written by city-based RJ Manav Anand Ahuja, has received rave reviews at major film fests. To celebrate this achievement, Dr. Prabhjot Garun Bajju, Founder-Director of Meeshan Foundation, organized a screening of the film and a press conference in which the film was explained in detail. Along with this, information was also shared about the recognition the film has already received in prestigious film festivals of India. Addressing the media, Dr. Bajju said, “Our film Paste has won the ‘Best Experimental Film Award’ at the recently held 74th Calcutta International Cult Film Festival. The film has also received the Certificate of Excellence at the 11th Indian Cine Festival-2023 Mumbai. The film is produced by Meeshan Foundation and Trippy Lenses. The film will participate in many festivals not only in India but also abroad and is expected to get even wider and global recognition. The lead hero in the film is played by radio jockey turned actor and writer Manav Anand Ahuja – Chandigarh’s RJ Manav. Ahuja, who has also written the story and screenplay of the film, also interacted with the media. Manav said, “I wanted to make men aware about the menstrual aspects of women through the film Paste based on menstrual hygiene awareness.

Dr. Prabhjot informed that Meeshan Foundation is spreading awareness about menstrual health management and safe disposal of sanitary pads, for which the foundation is continuously organizing sessions under the menstrual health campaign ‘Let’s Normalize the Period Talk’. The aim of this entire initiative is to normalize the discussion on periods. Dr. Prabhjot said, “In keeping with our vision of spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene, we have extended our full support to the production of a film paste on the same topic.”

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