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The father used to beat Urfi Javed so much that the actress used to faint, said – he/she did not slap…

Uorfi Javed Personal Life: TV actress Urfi Javed may be living a life of luxury today, but there was a time when her life was no less than hell. Because of her boldness, Urfi not only listened to the taunts of the society and relatives, but also suffered torture at the hands of her own father, which she has mentioned many times. The scars of those wounds given by father’s hands may not be on Urfi’s body now, but they are still alive in her mind. This is the reason why Urfi’s relationship with her father is no longer special.

Urfi used to faint
During a recent interview, the actress again talked about her father’s torture and told how much he/she used to beat her. In Ranveer Allahbadia’s podcast show, Urfi told that ‘sometimes that beating used to go to such an extent that we used to faint or become unconscious. he/she did not just slap but used to beat badly. When you are a child, you are not able to fight and anger builds up inside you.

Photo was uploaded on adult site
Sharing an anecdote from 10 years ago, Urfi told that ‘I had posted a photo of myself on social media in which I was wearing a tube top. Someone uploaded that photo on a porn website. No tampering was done with that photo, it was uploaded on the website as it was. When my father came to know about this, he/she hit me a lot, although it was not my fault, it was the uploader’s fault, I was the victim. But I was told that I had spoiled the name of the family. When he/she started beating badly, I tried to stop him/her. By the way, let us tell you that Urfi has already spoken openly about the atrocities committed by her family.
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