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The family members were shocked to know the last wish ‘the family should eat my flesh at the funeral’

Every person has some desires of his/her own, which he/she wants to fulfill. he/she wants to see some things being fulfilled while he/she is alive, and some he/she leaves for after his/her death. Generally, people tell their wishes related to their last rites to the family members, but if such a wish of a person comes to the fore, which cannot be fulfilled by the family members, then what should be done? Something similar happened with a family in Britain.

In our country, people do not like to talk about dying, but there are some bold people, who express their last wish while alive. They happily tell how to perform his/her last rites. However, the case we are talking about was different from this. This strange case has taken everyone by surprise as the man had said that he/she wanted the family members to eat his/her flesh after his/her death.

‘Family eats my flesh at funeral’
According to the report of the Daily Star, a person named Ian Atkinson researched the last wishes of the people, then he/she was told about the wish of a British man who wanted to be served on the plate of his/her own family members after his/her death. . he/she wanted it to be cut into pieces and fed to the family. Although cannibalism is not legal in Britain, his/her wish could not be fulfilled, but those who knew him/her were horrified.

This happens in tribal tradition
Let us tell you that even though this person’s wish could not be fulfilled in Britain, but if he/she had been born in a tribe named Senema, then this wish would have been fulfilled. Actually, the people of this tribe cover the dead body with leaves and other things for the last rites. After 30-40 days they bring him/her back and burn the leftover body. The ashes that remain after burning the body, these people make soup of it and drink it. This custom has been followed traditionally here.

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