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The doctor told that for the baby or children, what should be the temperature of AC

Summer has arrived and with this people have started preparing to fight the scorching sun and tapas. AC is the easiest and best way to escape the heat. Nowadays, work is not possible in offices without AC and after coming home from office for a whole day, the cool air of AC has become necessary to get a restful sleep. Home, office, malls and cinema halls, you will find ACs everywhere to fight the heat. However, sometimes AC temperature It is done so much that our kulfi gets frozen. You need to be a little careful while using AC for baby or children. If you also have a baby in your house and there is an AC in the room, then before using it, know that the air of AC is right for your baby or it can cause any harm to him.

In this article, we will tell you about the opinion of the pediatrician regarding the use of AC for children and some important tips to be followed when using AC in this season.

how much to keep temperature

Ahmedabad-based pediatrician Dr Reema Pandya has posted a video on Instagram and said that the temperature of the room or AC in summer for children is 26 to 28 degrees.

Celsius should be between. The room temperature in which the child is sleeping should not be too cold.

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what to wear

Whenever you make your child sleep in the AC, make sure to wear a socks, cabs and a slim sweater. It is not needed in babies older than one month.

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keep this in mind

Doctor Reema says that when you think of shifting the child from the AC room to another room, do not do so immediately, but first let the child’s body come to room temperature and then take it to another room. At the same time, do not keep the fan on with the AC.

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watch video

Is there any danger from AC

There is no harm in installing AC or cooler in the child’s room, but you should not keep them on for a long time. Keeping the child in a cold temperature for a long time can lead to low body temperature, which can harm his health.

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follow these tips

If you are keeping the baby in the AC, then take special care that the air of the AC should not come directly on him. This can worsen the health of the child. Put a light sheet on the child while sleeping in AC. Baby needs just one layer more than you, so don’t cover him with heavy blankets or quilts.

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keep checking

When you keep the child in an AC room, keep checking his forehead, chest, hands and feet to see if they are getting too cold.

Apart from this, run the AC only after getting it serviced. This allows the child to get clean air.

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