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The Chinese Navy drove the warship of the US Navy with a warning? America said – the claim is absolutely false

Beijing: China has fired a US Navy warship patrolling the South China Sea with a warning. The battleship had reached near the Paracel Islands. China claims the entire archipelago. The Chinese Coast Guard and Navy often force boats around the archipelago to turn back. China has even warned America of unforeseen consequences. At the same time, the US Navy has rejected this claim of China. America claims that chinese navy Has not sent any of his warships away with a warning.

China said – America violated our sovereignty
The Southern Theater Command of the Chinese Navy, the People’s Liberation Army, said the USS Benfold destroyer was illegally entering Chinese territorial waters without permission. This warship violated the sovereignty of the country, after which ships were sent by the Chinese Navy and Air Force to sack it. The Chinese Navy has warned the US that we seriously demand that the American side immediately stop such provocative actions, otherwise such unforeseen incidents will have dire consequences.

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US Navy rejects China’s claim
The US Navy rejected China’s claim that the USS Benfold had been warned. However, the US Navy has confirmed that this warship is patrolling around the Paracel Islands. claimed that their mission reflected the commitment of the US Navy to protecting freedom of navigation. Mark Langford, a spokesman for the US Navy’s 7th Fleet, said in a statement that China’s statement about this mission was false.

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America mentions freedom of navigation
The US Navy’s 7th Fleet said it was operating the USS Belenfold. The warship is patrolling under freedom of navigation in accordance with international law. The ship continues to conduct normal operations in international waters. The US Navy often conducts such missions in the South China Sea to challenge Chinese territorial claims. American warships, submarines and reconnaissance aircraft frequently patrol the area.

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China has built many artificial islands in the South China Sea
China has built several artificial islands in the South China Sea. Not only this, many military posts have also been established at this place. Several important shipping routes pass through this area. Billions of dollars are imported and exported every year through this route. Not only this, immense reserves of gas are hidden in this area. This entire area is also famous for fishing. In such a situation, the South China Sea has become a flash point of bad relations between the US and China. The US has always rejected Beijing’s illegal territorial claims.

US Navy USS Benfold

Tension in the South China Sea


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