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The child is born from the womb of the father, the mother has not drunk the milk of the father! Meet papa’s real angel…

Father Hated by People for Breastfeeding People: Mother’s place is highest in the life of any child because he takes birth from her own womb. Until the child learns to eat and drink, it remains dependent on the mother’s milk. However, today we will tell you the story of a father who has given birth to his own daughter and raised her through breastfeed.

Till now you must have seen and heard about the mother giving birth to the child and breastfeeding it, but there is such a girl child who drank her father’s milk, not the mother’s, and also took birth from the father’s womb. The name of this person is Tanius and he is a resident of Florida. Tanius says that if a mother does all this for her child, then she is seen with respect but people hate her.

Gave birth to the baby girl herself, then also brought it up
Through surrogacy, nowadays women are becoming single mothers even without a partner. This fulfills his dream of becoming a mother, but there is also a father who has fulfilled his dream of becoming a different kind of father through some changes in his body. Tanius is a seahorse dad, that is, the father who has given birth to his own child. When she came to know about her pregnancy 6 years ago, she had to go through many physical changes. His stomach started bloating and morning sickness used to happen. After suffering a lot of difficulties, she finally gave birth to her baby girl. Not only this, like a mother, she brought up her baby girl by feeding her milk. Now her daughter is 6 years old and breastfeeds many times.

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People make lewd comments
YouTube channel truly When Tanius put his story in front of the world, he had to face various taunts and criticisms from the people. People told him lies and predicted his death soon. Although Tanius did not pay attention to this and he is engaged in raising his daughter. Sometimes people call him an alien too, but Tanius wants to inspire others with his story. He says that people call him alien but he is also human and he also has feelings.

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