Sunday, June 4th, 2023

The ‘cannibalistic teacher’ was eaten by the dead body, did not even leave the private part, it was revealed like this



  • Cannibal teacher sentenced to life in Germany
  • Killed the partner and ate the private part
  • The body was dismembered and thrown across the city.

Former Berlin school teacher turned cannibal. After brutally killing a man, he made his private part his morsel. The rest of the body was chopped into pieces and dumped in many parts of the city. Now the court has sentenced him to life imprisonment. At the time of the judgement, the judge said that the inhuman act was carried out for cannibalistic fantasies.

what the court judge said
Presiding Judge Mathias Schertz said in his decision that Stephen R committed the crime to satisfy his desire to be cannibal, it is very inhuman. Never before had such a case come to my table in the last 30 years on the floor of a judge. Accused Stephen, who was also convicted of murder and desecration of a corpse, stood silent and impassioned by the court. He was sentenced to life imprisonment by the court.

‘The whole case of cannibalism’
The court was told that the cannibalistic school teacher Stephen R. met Stephen T. on a dating app. After that both met at home. Stephen R mixed drugs into Stephen T’s food. Then he killed her by slitting her throat. After this, after cutting his private part very carefully, he ate it. Judge Schertz said the events from start to finish are quite unbelievable. The testicles and penis have been very carefully cut. All in all, this is a case of cannibalism.

How was the matter revealed?
Actually, this whole matter was Berlin’s school teacher Stephen R. is connected to. The trial was going on for killing a person and then eating his body. It was alleged that the teacher killed the man after sexual gratification and then ate several parts of his body. In which the private part was also included. Not only this, after the murder, the school teacher threw different parts of the dead body of the person in many areas of Berlin city. Forensic examination confirmed that the human remains belonged to Stephen T.



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