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The bride and groom were engaged in making a video, the woman fell into the drain, people said – ‘Didi Deewani in a stranger marriage’

Hilarious Fall Video: In the era of internet and social media, we get to see something new and funny everyday. Some of these videos are such that they give us some new information, some surprise us, but there are some videos that make us laugh on seeing them. One such video is going viral at the moment, in which a bad accident happens with the woman who went to the wedding.

The marriage season is going on, in such a situation, all the videos related to it are also dominated on the internet. Somewhere someone reaches to give a strange gift to the groom, and somewhere the bride and groom perform wonders on the stage itself. However, what is seen in this video is quite different from all these. In the video, a woman has reached another’s wedding, but after getting too excited, a scandal happens with her.

Woman falls into drain with phone
In the viral video, the Christian bride and groom are seen walking holding each other’s hands and the people standing there are making videos of them. A woman standing in a black dress is also making a video of him/her with her phone. She has no idea of ​​the open drain behind her and as soon as her foot falls on a brick on the bank of the drain, she loses her balance. A well-dressed woman falls into a drain along with her phone. After which the people standing there lifted them up by giving their hands, but the bride and groom did not mind. his/her program continued in the same way.

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