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The bride and groom could not reach their own reception, trouble arose! It was time to call the fire brigade

During marriage, many small and big mistakes often happen, there is a period of sulking and persuasion among people, good and bad things happen. All these are very common things, but when some very strange and different incident happens, then there is an uproar. A similar uproar happened during the wedding reception of a couple in America (America Bride Groom Trapped in Lift). Both could not attend their own reception as they got into a big trouble which required the fire brigade to be called to save them.

According to the report of the Daily Star News website, there is a Grand Bohemian Hotel in North Carolina, USA. The wedding reception of Victoria and Panav Jha was to be held on its 16th floor. Everything was happening according to the schedule and arrangements, but suddenly a problem arose. The bride and groom reached the venue and had to take a lift (Bride Groom stuck in lift during reception) to go to the 16th floor. As soon as he/she reached between the first and second floor, his/her lift suddenly stopped.

The fire brigade informed about the incident by writing a post on Facebook with a photo. (Photo: Facebook/Charlotte Fire Department, Charlotte NC)

bride and groom stuck in lift
They thought that the problem was of a few minutes, then everything would be fine, but it did not happen. Both were stuck in the lift for 2 hours along with some of their family members. The bride’s sister was in the lift, and 3 other guests who had come to attend the event were also trapped in that lift along with the bride and groom. When the lift did not open, the fire brigade had to be called. Personnel from the Charlotte Fire Department came and maneuvered the lift a few floors up and then pulled them out of the lift with the help of a harness ie rope.

2 hours to leave
No one was hurt in this whole incident, but by the time the bride and groom reached their party, it was over. The groom said that when the lift stopped, he/she felt that she would have stopped for a few seconds and would go on its own. But when he/she must have grown about 5 feet above the ground, suddenly the lift stopped. The bride said that she is happy that she got locked in the lift with her husband and thus she spent a memorable moment with her husband but she is sad that she could not enjoy her reception and bid goodbye to the guests. Couldn’t even do it.

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