Sunday, March 26th, 2023

The boy surprised by diving in the air, challenged the gravity in the sky; Dizzy head watching flip

Who doesn’t like adventure. But not everyone has the courage to enjoy it. Neither every adventure is able to be tried. In such a situation, a boy not only enjoyed the adventure, but also appeared to beat nature with his courage and talent. Yes, he defeated nature in such a way that by challenging the gravity which made life possible on earth, he was seen diving in the air. And the sky means that it stopped at a place without gravity.

Shared a video on Twitter’s @NextSkillslevel, in which the boy waving in the air surprised everyone. It is not possible to stay for a moment anywhere other than the earth. And the boy challenged gravity by diving in the air. The video has got more than 3 lakh views.

Boy surprised by diving in the air
In the viral video, a boy was seen diving in the air. That too not once or twice but he hit the flip several times. During this, anyone will be surprised to see him in the video. Actually the boy was jumping in the air with the help of friends through a trampoline. Where people quickly come back on the trampoline after going into the sky, he kept flipping in the air for a long time and would turn around like a spinster and come back on the trampoline, seeing which anyone’s head would spin.

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