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The biggest star of James Bond’s character, who also has connection with India

Mumbai. In films based on fictional detective stories James Bond Movie Biggest name. As soon as the mention of this film starts, the face of a detective emerges in the mind, as well as its chilling music starts echoing in the ears. This is the reason why in the films of James Bond series, the face of its lead actor also remains in discussion. 007 agent The actor playing the character also gets the same fame as these films. Actors who have played James Bond include Sean Connery or George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton or Daniel Craig or Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore.

Talking about the star cast of James Bond films, all of them have been more than one, but Roger Moore’s name must be mentioned among them. One, Roger Moore has done the most Bond series films, due to which he is called a star artist. Also, a film in his Bond series has a direct connection with India. james bond movies There is mention of countries all over the world, but ‘Octopusy’ is special in this. Actually, the shooting of this Bond series film Octopussy has been done in India. Many famous Indian actors were also seen in this film, including Kabir Bedi, Vijay Amritraj etc. Let us know which actors have made headlines in the Bond series films so far.

Sean Connery was the first James Bond

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 04, 2022, 16:17 IST

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