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The battle of breast cancer was made on life, due to short hair, Lisa Ray was not getting work

There have been many such people in the film and TV industry, who have won the battle with different diseases. There have been many actresses who have fought a terrible disease like cancer and have come back after winning. One of them is actress Lisa Ray. His workout videos are often seen on social media. In 2009, Lisa Ray was diagnosed with Bone Marrow Cancer. She could not even stand properly on her feet. Later, with the help of stem cell transplant, Lisa Ray was free from cancer. The ‘Kasoor’ fame actress is living a healthy lifestyle. Lisa Ray has two daughters. The actress got married in the year 2012. After three years of cancer, changes started in his life. Recently, while talking about her cancer journey, Lisa Ray told that the cancer had increased to such an extent that the red blood cell count in her body started decreasing. The doctors were surprised that how is she standing on her feet?

this road was not easy
Sharing this experience with Official Humans of Bombay, Lisa Ray talks about the ups and downs in life. Lisa Ray said, ‘My body’s red blood cell count had become so low that I could have a cardiac arrest at any time. It was not mine but doctors had to say that at that time. The doctors first saw my blood test reports. For several months, I was feeling tired in my body, but I did not pay attention and did not think that anything like this would happen to me. After doing some tests, the doctor told me that I have bone marrow cancer. My life came to a standstill for the first time in years. I took a deep breath and thought of getting it treated. I have always run around a lot in my life. A part of my life was associated with the red carpet, but when I came to know about cancer, another part of my life was asking for spiritual peace.

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born again after surgery

Lisa Ray said, ‘I always wanted to write a book. I thought I would be able to connect to it myself. But due to work I could never write. Then cancer changed my whole life. When I had stem cell surgery, I watched death closely. This was an experience of mine, which I can never forget in my life. Can say that after surgery I was born again. I remember the day when I started blogging. I wrote the first article about what it feels like to live with cancer. Only a few people appreciated me after reading that article. Somehow I got courage. After the treatment, I wore a wig to an event, but I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it. I told myself I didn’t want to do this. Take it off and embrace your reality. I came out in a bold look. I was in the headlines everywhere. But more than that for me, accepting myself as my reality was.

Did not get work because of short hair

He further said, ‘If I tell, the media has not been good with me. After chemotherapy, I became a part of a travel show. I had short hair in it. I named her ‘chemo cut’, but Chanel replaced me because they wanted a girl with long hair. It was quite heartbreaking for me. After three years, I came back in public. Things had changed. I was about to get married. These three years were very challenging for me. My body told me what it needed. I heard I went on a three-week transformation. I meditated, drank juice, ate sprouts and knew myself. I was healed from inside, then I beat cancer. I also benefited from stem cell surgery.

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Lisa is alive now

He further said, ‘It has been 9 years today, when I am completely cancer free. A lot has changed. Over the years, I did films, wrote books, spread awareness about cancer, gave birth to children and pushed myself through art. It was a very different experience seeing that where a disease pushes us to death, it made me realize how wonderful life is. In today’s time I feel very alive.

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