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Telangana News: Was dating 2 girls for 4 years, married both of them in the same pavilion


  • The young man who had a date with two girls got married to both
  • The groom took seven rounds with two brides in the same pavilion
  • People gathered in the village to see this unique wedding
  • Marriages like this have been happening in the tribal community in the past too.

In the southern state of the country, Telangana, an interesting case has come to light of a young man with two girls in the same pavilion. The great thing is that both the girls have no problem living with each other. This unique marriage of the tribal community is being discussed fiercely in the surrounding areas.

This case is of Adilabad district. V Arjuna, who is preparing for competitive exams, falls in love with two girls, Usharani and Surekha, studying in degree college. Arjun decided to marry both of them together and both the girls agreed for it. Then in the same mandap with pomp, both of them promised to spend seven births with Arjuna. It is being told that Arjun was dating both the girls for the last four years.

Villagers gathered at the wedding

Such marriages keep happening in tribals
Crowds gathered from the surrounding villages to see this unique wedding of a bridegroom and two brides. Pandra Jaivanthar of Mandal Praja Parishad says that this is not a new thing for the tribal society. In this society, two girls have been married before with one boy. Usharani and Surekha, who married Arjun, have no problem with each other.


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