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Taste of Nagaur: Foreigners are also crazy about this paan, must taste this paan in MAKRANA, here is the price and location

Nagaur. Due to the wonderful taste and aroma of paan, not only in the country but also in many countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, Australia, Balim is the name of paan merchant. When foreign tourists come to visit Makrana in Nagaur district, they taste Bailim betel leaf and many times they also pack it and take it with them. Betel leaf is imported from Kolkata at this shop. Then sweet or spice paan is applied with the claim of purity.

The specialty is also that as soon as it is applied on this leaf, white catechu and lime stick on the leaf, it does not fall down. Anwar Ahmed, the director of the Bailim Merchant shop, told that using ingredients like sweet betel spices, chutney, kimam, 120 yolks, etc., betel leaves are planted at his/her place. Many varieties of paan like malai rasgulla, gulkand, chocolate, silver work are available here. Along with Kimam Navratna paan, paan like Madras Paan, Navratna Chutney are very much liked.

Anwar, who started Bailim Paan Merchant shop in 1975, says, ‘I took a graduation degree in commerce. After that he/she went out in search of a job but did not get any special job, so then he/she thought of doing his/her own work. To start a new business, some money was needed, so with the help of a moneylender, he/she started this shop with some money.

Bailim Paan Merchant has 4 shops. The first shop is in Godawas, the second shop is near Canara Bank, the third one is near Railway Gate of Boravad and the fourth shop is near Roadways Bus Stand. There is an income of three to four lakh rupees in a month from all four shops. Anwar told Paan is not delivered by online order, it is available only at the shop. Here you will get betel leaves for the price ranging from ₹ 10 to ₹ 30. Sweet paan with masala chutney is most famous here.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : February 24, 2023, 12:39 IST

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