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Taliban in Afghanistan: Afghan girls studying secretly for a bright future;

Kabul: It’s been a year since most teens in Afghanistan entered the classroom. There is no indication that the Taliban in power will allow him to go back to school. Some girls are making efforts at their level so that a generation of women should not be deprived of education. In a house in Kabul, dozens of young girls have gathered in recent days for classes at an informal school founded by Sodaba Najand. Najand and her sister teach English, science and maths to girls who should be in secondary school. “When the Taliban wants to take away the right to education and the right to work from women, I want to stand up against their decision by educating these girls,” Najand said.

The country has been running several underground schools since the Taliban came to power a year ago and barred girls from continuing their education after sixth grade. Although the Taliban allowed women to attend classes at universities, this exception has become irrelevant when girls from high schools are no longer able to attend.
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Symptoms of depression in 26% of girls
“It is not possible to fill this gap and the situation is very depressing and worrying,” Najand said. Interviewed about 1,700 boys and girls of age. The survey, conducted in May and June and released on Wednesday, found that more than 45 per cent of girls are not attending school compared to 20 per cent of boys. It was also found that 26 percent of girls showed symptoms of depression as compared to 16 percent of boys.

Almost the entire population of Afghanistan is trapped in a vicious circle of poverty and millions are unable to feed their families, as the world stopped funding after the Taliban came to power. Teachers, parents and experts all warn that many of the country’s crises, including the collapse of the economy, are proving particularly damaging to girls. The Taliban have banned women from going to work, encouraged them to stay at home and issued ‘dress codes’ that require them to cover their faces, except for their eyes.

Differences over girls’ education
The international community is demanding that the Taliban open schools for all girls, and the US and European Union plan to directly pay teachers in Afghanistan without funding the Taliban. But the question of girls’ education appears to be embroiled in differences among the Taliban. Some in the Taliban movement support girls returning to school as they seek to improve relations with the world. At the same time, especially the rural, tribal elders who were part of the movement strongly oppose it.

Hopes were raised in March, before the start of the new school session, when the Taliban’s education ministry announced that everyone would be allowed to attend school. But, the decision was suddenly reversed on March 23, the day the school reopened. The officials of the ministry were also surprised by this decision. Shakeeba Qadri (16) remembers when she got ready to start her 10th class that day. Qadri and her friends were thrilled but a teacher said they would have to go home. There were tears in the eyes of the girls. “That was the most disappointing moment of our lives,” Qadri said.
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learning english through youtube
Since then, Qadri spends time at home reading her curriculum books, novels and history books. These days she is learning English through movies and YouTube videos. Qadri’s father Mohammad Shah Qadri (58) said that even if a woman gets a university degree, what is the use next. Mohammad Shah Qadri said that he always wanted his children to get higher education. Now that has become impossible, so he is thinking of leaving Afghanistan for the first time after coming out of the war of years.

Even underground schools have their own limitations. Najand started classes informally in a park near his home after the Taliban came to power. In this such young women, women started coming who could not read and write. Najand’s school has about 250 girl students, of whom 50 to 60 are in the above grade six. Underground schools are a lifeline for girl students. Duniya Arabzada, a student, said of her former school, “You can’t go to school..It’s a very difficult situation. Whenever I pass by my school and see the closed doors… I get disheartened.”

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