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Take the eyesight test in 5 seconds, the face is hidden among the dry leaves, just find it and show it!

Optical Illusion: Optical illusion means such a deception of the eyes that even the things seen in front of you seem to disappear. Once again we have come for you with such an eye-catching illusion. We have brought for you another optical illusion showing such a deceptive picture to the eyes, from which you have to find and remove a face from among the dry leaves.

By the way, you have solved more than one optical illusions with us. Sometimes the illusion created by words has to be broken and sometimes something has disappeared in the picture, it has to be found. This time there is something similar, in which you have to look for a face in a picture with lots of dry leaves. By the way, such puzzles not only sharpen your eyesight but also test your brain and eye coordination.

Where is the face hidden among the dry leaves?
Inside the picture you can see a view of a forest land. After autumn many dry leaves are seen scattered here. A face is also hidden somewhere in the midst of these leaves. All you have to do is to find this face using your sharp eyes. You have a total of 5 seconds for this work.

A face is also hidden somewhere among the many dry leaves. (Credit- MoIllusions)

If the face is not found….
By the way, we hope that you must have seen the face. Well this challenge was a bit tricky, not because the face is hidden in a difficult place but because the time was very less. Although this is going to prove your intelligence.

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By the way, this challenge was a bit tricky. (Credit- MoIllusions)

If you could not complete this challenge, then it does not matter. You can see the answer in the answer picture.

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