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Take home iPhone for free and use it freely for 45 days, know what is Apple’s ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ offer

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There is a pressing desire in every mobile user that he/she too has Apple’s iPhone. But due to being expensive, people often avoid it. To solve this problem of customers, Apple has come up with a credit scheme ‘Buy Now Pay Later’. Under this, loans are being given to customers to buy iPhone, which can be conveniently paid later.

What is Buy Now Pay Later Scheme

With the help of this new service of Apple, users can buy devices like Apple’s iPhone or iPad without paying any money. This scheme is for such customers, whose monthly income is less. This scheme is expected to increase the sale of Apple devices. The company can get the benefit of this in increasing its sales.

How will this scheme work

Simply put, it is a loan scheme offered by Apple. In this also you have to pay the money in installments, but in this scheme, no other kind of charge will be taken from the users along with interest. In this, customers will get the option of payment in 4 installments. Suppose you have taken an iPhone for 60000, then you can pay the full amount in 4 installments of 15000. It has to be kept in mind that after 6 weeks i.e. about 45 days after purchasing the product, you will have to pay the first installment.

How much loan will be available

According to Apple, customers will be able to take a loan of Rs 82,271 under this scheme. For this you have to pay through Apple Pay. Buy Now Pay service can be availed by the company online and with the help of iPhone and iPad.

certain conditions have to be met

The benefit of Apple’s scheme will be available only to those customers who have a good credit score. Apple will check the CIBIL score of the customers for this. And it will ensure that the user to whom the loan is being given will be able to repay it or not.

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