Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

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Screenshots can be taken in these ways on Windows Laptop, MacBook and Chromebook

Photo:File photo The methods of taking a screenshot also differ according to the operating system. New Delhi: Whenever we see something important on our smartphone, we immediately take a screenshot of it. There are...

Laptop speed has become slow, so increase it with these tips today

If the speed of the laptop becomes slow, then you may have a lot of trouble in working, although you can speed it up with the help of simple tips. , Source link

Keep these things in mind while cleaning laptop otherwise permanent damage can happen

Nowadays most of the people are doing work from home, it is common for laptop to get dirty but if you clean it then it is very important to take some precautions during this...

How to know that your laptop has been attacked by virus, easy way

Many times it happens when viruses attack your laptop but you do not even notice it. Today we are going to tell you easy tips to find out about the virus. , Source link

Follow these tips while cleaning laptop, no problem will ever come

Highlights laptop cleaning is essential If you want to keep fit then definitely clean your laptop People make many mistakes during training New Delhi. If you work continuously on the laptop, then obviously it...