Sunday, January 29th, 2023

Taapsee Pannu got angry again on paparazzi, asked the question on Raju Srivastava and said – what should I say? step back

Actress Taapsee Pannu is seeing a different attitude these days. If the paparazzi or the media ask her some questions, she immediately bursts out. In the last few weeks, there have been three such cases when Taapsee Pannu’s mercury has come out on the paparazzi. Recently, Taapsee Pannu got furious at the paparazzi when she surrounded the actress and asked questions about Raju Srivastava. Fans are also surprised to see this video and attitude of Taapsee Pannu.

It is seen in the video that when the paparazzi asks Pannu to say something on the death of Raju Srivastava, she says, ‘What should I say?’ After this, seeing herself surrounded by the paparazzi, she moves forward removing them. In the video, Taapsee is saying, ‘Hey brother, you one minute, you one minute. You go away, don’t do it like that. Step back, step back.’ After this, Taapsee left immediately after leaving and did not even talk to the paparazzi.

Taapsee Pannu did not like this form

Fans and users have not liked this style of Taapsee Pannu. One user wrote, ‘Taapsee has become very rude now.’ At the same time, a user called Taapsee ‘Kangana Ranaut Part 2’. However, some users also defended Taapsee Pannu and said that she herself is handling such a crowd without security.

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Sometimes the photographer and sometimes the paparazzi got angry on Taapsee
Earlier, Taapsee Pannu once reprimanded the paparazzi in an event. When the paparazzi questioned Taapsee’s arrival late, she got furious and clashed with him. A few days later, a video of Taapsee from an award show surfaced, in which the reporter asked her questions about the flops of ‘Shabash Mithu’ and ‘Dobaara’. When the reporter asked a question on the negative response received by both the films, Taapsee was still enraged. Instead of answering, Taapsee started questioning the reporter and said that he should come after doing homework. Taapsee then told the reporter, ‘Don’t shout, brother, then these people will speak, the actors do not have good manners.’

4 films of Taapsee were released in 2022, this happened
Talking about Taapsee Pannu’s films this year, so far four of her films were released and all four were flops. Taapsee’s ‘Dobaara’ and ‘Shabash Mithu’ released at the box office and got beaten up. Wherein ‘Loop Lapeta’ was released on Netflix. Taapsee Pannu has five films, ‘Jana Gana Mana’, ‘Alien’, ‘Blur’, ‘Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan’ and ‘Dunky’.

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