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Monday, July 15th, 2024

T20 World Cup Squads: 11 countries including Pakistan, who have not declared their team, what do the rules say…

New Delhi. There is not even a month left for the T20 World Cup to start, but the troubles of some teams are not ending. Usually, one month before the start of the World Cup, every team has to submit the list of its 15 players to the ICC. Under this, many countries including India, Australia, England, New Zealand declared their 15-member teams before May 1. But many countries including Pakistan and West Indies have not declared their teams.

According to Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) sources, many Pakistani cricketers are injured. For this reason the board is delaying the announcement of the team. Pakistan will announce its team for the T20 World Cup on 23 or 24 May. However, it has announced its team for the tour of England and Ireland, whose captain is Babar Azam.

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New Zealand was the first to announce its team for the T20 World Cup to be held from June 1. A day after this, India, South Africa, England and Afghanistan announced the names of their 15 players each, who are to play in the World Cup. A day after this, Australia, Nepal, Oman and Canada also announced their squads.

On the other hand, 11 teams including Pakistan, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ireland have not announced their squads yet. West Indies can declare its team on Friday, May 3. Other countries will also have to announce their teams by May 24.

According to ICC, all countries can change their teams till May 25. But any change from May 25 will happen only after the approval of the ICC Technical Committee.

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