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Monday, July 22nd, 2024

T20 World Cup: Nitish Kumar’s hand in Pakistan’s defeat, before making America win, he/she had a plan for another country…

New Delhi. Nitish Kumar has become a hot topic these days. Not just in Indian politics, but also in American cricket. Nitish Kumar played an important role in America’s victory and Pakistan’s defeat in the T20 World Cup. he/she tied the match by hitting a four on the last ball, after which the match went into a super over. Nitish Kumar is one of those few cricketers in the world who have played for two countries.

America created a big upset by defeating Pakistan in the T20 World Cup. This match was decided in the super over. Pakistan batted first in this match and scored 159 runs for 7 wickets. In reply, America scored 111 runs for 2 wickets in 14 overs. American captain Monank Patel (50) was out on the first ball of the 15th over. Nitish Kumar replaced Monank. When Nitish came on the field, America needed 49 runs to win in 35 balls.

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All-rounder Nitish Kumar played a crucial innings of 14 runs off 14 balls in this crucial situation. he/she shared a 48-run partnership with Aaron Jones (36) to take his/her team to a score of 159. On the last ball of the match, America needed 5 runs to win and Nitish was on the strike end. Nitish Kumar hit a four off this ball of Harris Rauf to tie the match.

This was Nitish Kumar’s only fifth match for America. he/she made his/her debut for America in 2024 itself. Before playing for America, he/she was a part of the Canadian team. 30-year-old Nitish played a total of 34 matches for Canada. These include 16 ODIs and 18 T20 matches.

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