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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

T20 World Cup: Kohli’s poor form took a toll on him/her, average below 50 for the first time in 5 years, Rizwan giving tough competition

New Delhi. Virat Kohli, who played an important role in most of Team India’s victories, is batting silent these days. In the T20 World Cup 2024, Virat has so far scored a total of 5 runs in 3 innings. In Wednesday’s match against America, he/she scored a ‘golden duck’ and fell prey to Indian-origin bowler Saurabh Netravalkar. This decline in the performance of Virat, who recently won the Orange Cap with 741 runs in IPL 2024, is really surprising.

It is true that most of the wickets in the T20 World Cup (T20 World Cup 2024) are uneven bounce and slow and most of the batsmen have been seen struggling on them, but Virat is different from this category. When he/she is in rhythm, the nature of the wicket does not matter to him/her. This quality differentiates him/her from other batsmen. Despite this, this ‘downfall’ in Virat’s batting is beyond comprehension. Some of Virat’s fans are secretly considering the change in the batting order as the reason for this. Virat bats at number three in international cricket but he/she is opening in the T20 World Cup. Virat, who scored 1 against Ireland and 4 against arch-rival Pakistan, got two unwanted records attached to his/her name as soon as he/she got out at 0 against America. This is the first time in the T20 World Cup that Virat has been out at 0 and after this innings, his/her T20I batting average came below 50.

Virat was the only one among full member countries to have an average of 50+ in T20I
Virat was the only batsman from Full Member Nations and the third overall batsman (minimum criteria 20 innings) to have a batting average of 50+ in T20 Internationals. To maintain a batting average of 50 or more, he/she had to score at least 8 runs in the match against America but this could not happen. Virat currently has 4042 runs in 120 ODIs at an average of 49.90 which includes one century and 37 half-centuries. Before the T20 World Cup, Virat’s average was 51.75 which has come below 50 so far.

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he/she became the first batsman to have an average of 50+ in all three formats
Virat achieved a T20I average of 50+ by playing an unbeaten innings of 72 runs against South Africa in Mohali in September 2019. With this, he/she became the only batsman in the world to have a batting average of 50 or more in all three formats of cricket (Test, ODI and T20). It is very difficult to maintain an average of 50+ in all three formats and the same happened with Virat. From 2020, his/her performance in Test and T20 formats saw a decline. First of all, his/her batting average in Test cricket came below 50. he/she maintained this average for a long time in ODIs and T20s. The same happened to him/her in T20Is as well when he/she went through a bad phase of batting in 2022. However, Virat returned to form and again achieved an average of 50+ in this shortest format of international cricket.

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Now the ‘war’ between Virat and Rizwan has become interesting
After falling below the average of 50 in T20I, Virat’s ‘battle’ with Pakistan’s Mohammad Rizwan has become interesting. Virat (49.90) currently has the best average in T20I among ICC’s full member countries, while Rizwan (3296 runs in 101 matches, average 49.19) is at number two. Rizwan will now try to beat Virat in the race of T20I average. Suryakumar Yadav (2200 runs in 63 matches, average 44.89), who scored an unbeaten half-century in Wednesday’s match against America, is at third place. However, in terms of overall best run average in T20I, Malawi’s Sami Sohail (832 runs in 31 matches, average 59.42) and Bahrain’s Sohail Ahmed (857 runs in 21 matches, average 50.41) occupy the first two positions ahead of Virat.

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Virat has a great record in T20 World Cup but…

Virat Kohli holds the record for scoring the most runs in the T20 World Cup. Virat, who has been the ‘hero’ of many memorable victories of India in the tournament, has so far scored 1186 runs in 30 matches at an average of 67.41 and a strike rate of 130.52. However, the current tournament has been disappointing for him/her in terms of batting. Virat has been the highest run-scorer in the T20 World Cup twice. he/she was at the top by scoring 319 runs in 2014 and 296 runs in 2022, while in the 2016 T20 World Cup he/she scored 73 runs and was the number two batsman after Bangladesh’s Tamim Iqbal (295 runs).

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Virat’s average in ODI is 58.67
After losing the average of 50 in T20I, Virat now has an average of 50+ in ODIs only. However, he/she is very close to regaining the average of 50 in both Test and T20 formats. In an international career of 16 years, Virat has so far scored 8 thousand 848 runs in 113 Tests at an average of 49.15, 13 thousand 848 runs in 292 ODIs at an average of 58.67 and 4042 runs in 120 T20Is at an average of 49.90. he/she has 29 centuries in Tests, 50 in ODIs and one century in T20 (total 80 centuries). Virat is the batsman who has scored the most centuries in ODIs. In the World Cup 2023 itself, he/she has broken Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 49 ODIs.

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