Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023

Switzerland is preparing to ban electric vehicles, knowing the reason, you will press your finger under your teeth

Photo: File Switzerland going to ban electric vehicles

The demand for electric vehicles has increased rapidly worldwide. India is also among those countries where the demand for electric cars and bikes has more than doubled in the last one year. In such a situation, can you imagine that any country in the world is preparing to ban the sale of electric vehicles. This news may shock you for a while but it is absolutely true. Switzerland, one of the developed countries of the world, is planning to stop the sale of electric vehicles.

According to a media report, the authorities in the country have prepared a proposal that will restrict the use of electricity to prevent blackouts and power cuts. If this happens, Switzerland will become the first country to do so.

This country is heavily dependent on hydropower

Switzerland relies heavily on hydropower to meet its energy needs. About 60 percent of the country’s electricity comes from hydropower. However, production slows down during the winter months. The country also imports electricity from neighboring France and Germany, both of which are now facing an energy crisis like the rest of Europe due to the Ukraine war.

Electricity production at 30-year low

French utility EDF sees its electricity output falling to a 30-year low in 2022 due to a record number of nuclear reactor outages. France is more sensitive to Europe’s energy crisis, exacerbated by the fallout of the war in Ukraine. The low nuclear availability and demand there compared to some other European countries is particularly temperature-sensitive.

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Russia increased difficulties

The invasion of Ukraine by major oil and gas exporter Russia has triggered an energy crisis and prompted countries in Europe, heavily dependent on Russian deliveries, to diversify their supplies. Switzerland is thus preparing for possible blackouts. Under the proposal, the country plans to restrict energy use in buildings and may also ban concerts, theater performances and sporting events. If the situation worsens, Switzerland wants to limit the use of electric vehicles to only essential trips.

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