Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

Sweden’s first female PM resigns hours after appointment

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Swedish Social Democrat leader Magdalena Anderson She was elected by parliament as Sweden’s first female prime minister, but she had to resign soon after selection. In fact, the Green Party withdrew its support, due to which they had to take this step.

Reportedly, just hours after he was elected prime minister on Wednesday, parliament (the Riksdag) passed the opposition’s budget resolution, prompting Anderson’s coalition ally the Green Party to withdraw its support. Anderson was then forced to announce his resignation. To be elected prime minister, he needed a majority of MPs in the 349-seat Riksdag.

Anderson was supported by 117, but was opposed by 174, with 57 delegates absent. One deputy was absent. Anderson’s election came after an 11-hour deal with the Left Party, which called for an increase in pensions for the poorest 700,000 pensioners. Anderson said she could lead the country with an opposition budget, requiring only minor changes. However, the Green Party had a different opinion.


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