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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Super-8 matches are starting, how many matches will one team play, who will face each other in the first match

New Delhi. All the league matches of ICC T20 World Cup are over. 12 teams have been eliminated from the tournament which started with 20 teams. The competition between the teams that reached Super 8 is about to begin. Big teams like Pakistan, New Zealand and Sri Lanka were eliminated in the first round while the teams of USA and Afghanistan surprised everyone by reaching Super 8. The next round of T20 World Cup is going to start from Wednesday, 19th June. All the teams will get a chance to play three matches each to make it to the semi-finals.

20 teams were divided into four groups of 5 each in the ICC T20 World Cup. The top four teams in each group got a chance to reach the next round. India and America from Group A, Australia and England from Group B, West Indies and Afghanistan from Group C, while South Africa and Bangladesh from Group D secured a place in the Super 8.

Super-8 teams and groups
The top two teams in their respective groups in the league stage have been given a place in the Super 8. These 8 teams have been divided into two groups. India, Australia, Bangladesh and Afghanistan have been placed in Group 1. Apart from England, South Africa, host USA and West Indies have been placed. All teams will play against three teams of their group. The first match of Super 8 is to be played between South Africa and USA.

Which teams will India compete against?
The Indian team will play its first match in the Super-8 against Afghanistan on June 20. Team India will play against Bangladesh on June 22. In the last match of Super 8, India will face Australia on June 24.

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